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Smart Start

As soon as your product pack arrives in the mail, you’ll create your first post on your feed. Usually it’s a picture of you with your box (we are modern nature side) with an inspiring caption. Check out the example above, but make your caption your own. It should include your why, speaking into existence what this business is going to do for you along with excitement for starting something new! Excitement attracts people. Tag your mentor in your post (third party validation) and you’re set!

insta feed

This is what sets things in motion on your social media platforms and gets peoples attention that something important is coming up. They’re getting curious. The day you sign up, take a selfie and create something similar to the example below.

insta story

A sucessful launch


What to post first 30 days

growth producing activities

First thing in the morning or while you are multi-tasking… books, devotions, podcasts, training (take notes) and YouTube. It’s recommended you watch The Secret on Netflix. Meditation is also a great tool to utilize as well.

connect with 2-5+ new people a day. share the business or opportunities with people you've built a relationship with. This is the quickest and most essential way to grow your team. Go for the no’s (yes, shocker people will turn you down and heads up, its okay), the more no’s you get, the closer you are to a yes… you have a gift to share, so share! Fortune is in the follow up, do it daily!

Practice 80% you and your life and 20% MONAT. You need to be showing up consistently posting at least once a day about either products or business. If you don’t know what to post, click here for ideas

Consider events to be meeting up with a potential for coffee, hosting a happy hour or attending a local get-together connecting with others. One event a week is typical. MONAT also hosts quarterly events in areas close to you. On Facebook, search MONAT (either central region, east, UK, west coast etc) to stay in the loop with local events.

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